anatomy of gang stalking and organized psychological harassment

The psychological terror, which is highly planned by trained specialists, who are all very sick, should lead most people to understand that gang stalking is not simply about 1. groups following targets, using directed coversations peppered with personal information of the victims 2. a multitude of petty harassments everyday, such as ripped clothing, gaslighting, brighting, sabotage of property, appliances, etc. . The exercises of gang stalking are sick and demented planneendure noise harassment d assaults that are ongoing and carried out over days, and months, with other planned assaults being dreamt up for when the current one ends. These assaults will exploit many elements and aspects of the targets entire history, taking into consideration people known, likes and dislikes, jobs held, music/books/ what the targets likes to eat, and more, all while the target’s mind is being attacked by direct energy weapons or covert chemicals and or irritants that alter your moods, undermine the target’s psychological health, causes nervousness.

Imagine if you may, becoming a target : You will be trashed for every like and dislike you have had, and a joke you’ve said with friends or co-workers will be turned into chararcter trait, and they will haunt you with terror about it to make it as if you tell jokes all the time, and have a blatant disregard for others. They shread your mind and bring terror to your soul, near 24 hours a day. They have their operatives troll about you in public venues, by your home, anywhere. They, the organizers, will use children , old people, anyone, in these often sick tactics, and always terroristic assaults. There is a sick obsession within these perpetrators and the organizers, that is geared towards the creation of demented tactics to screw with a person’s mind. There is also an obession that is geared towards so many details of the target’s life, that it is unbelievable, but true. They will pick at your life (and mind) as if a thousand scorpions were picking at your skin. As a male target they will do some very demented things to condition you to sexual topics, or just some disgusting elements of the themes they have chosen for you, that will be used to harass you, and of course they have already branded you as a child molester or rapist, some crazed lunatic, with slander.The attacks begin with ground level lifestyles, and eventually make their way up to horrific terror based themes that may included murder or rape. While all of this is happening, there will be Direct Energy Assaults or the use of some covert chemicals, both of which will effect your mind in ways that make you paranoid, uncollected, rigid, or nervous. You will not be able to collect your wits.

They will make you feel you are suspect for theft, robbery, anything, and everywhere you go, stores, diner, work, home, there will be people using language directed at you, complete with the directed themes. The attacks will fit the definition of mean, cruel, and sick, but it is and slow murder, and torture, mental (psychological) torture. Early on, they may first make the person feel that they have been targeted because they have not yet married and siblings all have children, morgages, so the targeted person’s responsibilities minimal comparatively (instillation of unreal guilt), but this instillation of guilt will broaden quickly and hit every aspect of your lifestyle, from the jokes one told with friends, the clothing prefered, habits, and interests and passions. There is a demoralizing effect that is so strong due to the isolation of the victim, and the ridicule that becomes pervasive. Snide remarks will be heard in public. The tactics may focus on the more mundane aspects of life. If targeted you will be made to feel guilty for spending much time on, say, rock climbing, reading poetry, or any recreational activity you enjoy, and they will pound you with multi-media that is to indicate ‘people are starving in the world, and your passion is poetry, rock climbing, or environmental issues, etc’. If you have always prided yourself on buying organic, they will make you pay for that by harassing you with the opposite, making you feel that your passions are meaningless. Such are of the more harmless aspects of the terror campaigns. All will be part of a flood that consists of other types of harassment that draw on other aspects of your life, as well as sick themes. Also, you will become conditioned, at the same time as the above stated harassments, to themes that are of the most heinous to people within society. Such themes will be child molestation and murder, rape in general, and sexual themes that are disgusting, on and on. How do they do this?
Again, while mentally undermined by chemicals or electroinc harassment, this is done with a flood of tactics happening 24/7, using multiple media and modes, from objects placed in paths, to nieghbors banging or pounding on walls during certain broadcasts (relating to the horrific themes) on TV or radio in the targets home,and directed conversations in public and work, telephone conversations, text messages send, etc. It is horrific how they do this to people, myself included, all while the target’s psychology is undermined through either direct energy weapons, covert chemicals on an ongoing fashion. It is outright sick, and again, horrific.
If the target is married they will cause emotional distress through any number of methods (in work, or at home with nightly noise, ect), with the end result in marriage troubles, work related troubles (happened to me). Before the apex of a campaign occures, the victim may have noise harassment for years, at night, even if you move from one place to another. This noise harassment is designed to create weaknesses in your otherwise collected psychological and emotional makeup. There will be work being done on your psychology, however subtle, in certain social or work environments, over years before they go in for the major assault. This is classical conditioning and perhaps methods used in psychological warfare.  

Everywhere you go these themes will be played out, using magazine covers stategically placed in shops, or at houses and work, peoples conversations, what others are watching on television. Things in your path as you walk will be placed dependant on the theme. These items will be used over and over. They will put things by your door that keep the theme alive in your head. They will scare you into thinking that a body has been found and you are a likely suspect. Conversations with friedns or even family may lead to terror or confusion. The attacks use both the visual and auditory. Sounds, images, people, automobiles, anything, in a symphonic orchestration of psychological hell, all the time. Telephone calls, trips to the store, conversations with friends, public transportaion, all brought into this crafted and sick creative endeavor that aims to cause you to suffer incredibly, while they watch. These pervasive assaults will encompass coversations with friends, co-workers, who are directed to strategically use certain words in certain ways, that correlate with the overall assault and theme (such as killing or , etc.) to bring the terror home to your mind. Your nieghbors, organized by the campaign, will pound, bump or make a noise everytime the radio or television says certain words, or broadcast
a program, all that correlate with the theme of any of these terror assaults. You will be isloated and will wonder what the hell is going on, “am I going crazy, why are all these people doing this to me”. You are the target of a highly planned covert psychological operation/experimen taion that uses unwitting civilians. You have been trashed by the organizers, and now will endure living hell and misery, psychological , character demonization, etc.. All associations will be based on this assault, or to one extent or another, brought into it. Your friends, family, co-workers, all part of this . They watch you for 24 hrs. a day, and when you walk or drive, things will be left in your path, It will be everywhere. You may be the object of some very carefully planned psychological tricks that are designed to cause you to look as if you actually fit the terrible slander. Classical conditioning is used.  These people have got to legitimate what they have done to you, so they will do that in any way they can. see

Tactics, State-Sponsored Terror Campaigns see his notes on slander notes

Also my own blog on conditioning and psychological harassment in Gang stalking and covert harassment: Psychology and Harassment
below is what I gather from my own experience as a victim of psychological conditioning and harassment


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